.Almost every week we hear of accountants charging exorbitant fees to startup businesses, and, giving bad advice. Or, not giving good advice. ( there is a difference ).

This week we learned of a new business being quoted a four figure sum for registering a new enterprise. By recommending another firm of accountants, the job was done for less than half this figure. 

Also, an individual  accepted a ( self employed ) contract to work for a large company,  and was advised he had to set up a limited company to receive his pay. ( !!!). And later, when the employer offered a direct employment contract , this limited company became unnecessary….  and the accountant involved  advised that the limited company could not be closed, and demanded a 12 month agreement be honoured !!!  

Recommendation. Before engaging an accountant, meet and talk to at least 3, then accept the one who offers the best deal, and, you are comfortable with his/her business style.  Ask friends or associates to recommend an accountant … but still talk to 3. One who works well with a friend may not suit your style.

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