But there are actually two considerations, One is identifying the energy rates and total costs, The second, and this is almost as important as the rates for a new business, is identifying an energy advisor who provides a good service, as there might be many issues to be addressed before an energy service actually starts.

These issues might include actually getting a service, as supply companies now use credit checking more . So if you are a new business with no credit history, many firms will not even quote to supply you. Other issues might be to do with meters, or requiring deposits. Recently after energy supply agreements were set up fo a new business, a second supplier submitted invoices claiming that an order had been taken on the phone. Fortunately for the new business, an independent advisor was involved and was able to reject the claim from the second company, But if he had not been involved, the business owner would have had a horrendous time trying to resolve the matter.

Be aware, an energy broker might obtain several quotes, you select one, the contracts are raised, you sign and return the contract……. and then the chosen supplier, even though a contract is signed, will not accept you as a customer. And the process has to be repeated…… and in the meantime, energy rates keep rising…

Let a local independent energy advisor poll the market for you, to obtain the best rates, and he/she will then address any issues that might arise through to the commencement of the services. ( and these services are provided free by energy advisors )

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