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About Us

Partners Wealth Management work with over 40 groups who provide expert services for our clients and we currently look after £2 billion of assets.

David Bull is our Croydon and Surrey-based Chartered Financial Planner.

About David Bull

As a Chartered Financial Planner with over 14 years’ experience, joining Partners Wealth Management was an easy decision. True Independence is increasingly difficult for clients to find, and the flexible, planning-led approach of PWM means I am free to provide an entirely tailored service to my clients, without constraints on my recommendations or delivery of advice.

I firmly believe that a personalised, individual and long-term service is the only way to deliver a financial plan and avoid potential pitfalls. Making financial decisions can be daunting, so I pride myself on avoiding jargon and using plain English, so my client can better understand the options open to them and feel more confident in the outcome.

​I have a great deal of experience helping clients in the run-up to retirement, ensuring that they are able to get off on the right foot and relax. A critical part of this can also be ensuring loved ones and next of kin are financially secure. I also enjoy helping entrepreneurs and owner-managers make the most of their opportunities, while working, and on eventual exit.

I live in Croydon and provide a personal and local service with all the advantages and expertise of the City.


Recent Testimonials

“David has done everything we have asked of him. There is nothing he could
have done better” – Mr & Mrs Fenn

“My personal circumstances (professional and private) have changed considerably over the
last 10 years and David has always provided clear, intelligible, credible advice to help me
navigate through them from a financial perspective” – Mr Doyle

“Excellent, sound and sensible financial advice to suit our circumstances” – Mr & Mrs Bratton

“Would recommend David 100%” – Mr Hopkins

“I was happy with every aspect of David’s services” – Mr Lazenby

“His expertise has taken a great burden from my shoulders… I am totally satisfied with the service he has provided” – Mr Marlow

What We Offer

What does wealth management comprise? The concept is used by a number of firms in differing ways.

To us at Partners Wealth Management it’s not just about comparing or selecting financial products, it goes far beyond that in its scope and operation.

We see it as a combination of important skills such as good counsel, guidance, strategy, project management, product knowledge, empathy and understanding, all delivered with exemplary client care.

We take a holistic view of your finances and work with you to fully understand your financial aspirations. We then create a plan that’s bespoke to your needs and takes full account of what you want your money to do for you, now and in the future.

Our service offers a number of interrelated elements, such as investment portfolio management, estate planning, taxation strategies and private office services. As we work together to manage and preserve your wealth, plan for your retirement, or protect your estate from inheritance tax, the services detailed in this section can have a part to play, depending on your specific requirements.

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