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Hampton Green Ltd

About Us

Hampton Green works with business owners who want more customers, and are ready to take action to create simple processes to make this happen.

We have over 20 years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes to attract new clients and grow. We help you create simple sales processes and then we’ll do what ever it takes to help you implement them. If you do not have the time or the resources to implement your process yourself you may be able to outsource some elements of it to our team. We have a small team of professional networkers who can attend events on behalf of our clients in order to create interest in your products and services.

What We Offer


Hampton Green specialises in helping businesses to attract and engage with customers. We we use our unique Sales Clock framework to help find improvements across 12 critical aspects of how you do business. Each one has the potential to transform your business.


The key to success of any initiative is in the implementation. Where clients require additional support we provide an outsource option whereby they can outsource elements of their sales activities to us. This can include simple lead generation, support in the field or strategic account or territory planning.


Recent Review

“Prior to working with Joe, I was finding work more through the hand of God than any thought out strategy. Thankfully it has always been high profile work so things “ looked good “ but my reality was the feast and famine of being self employed. Now I have a plan.”
Terry McGough
Fashion & Portrait Photographer


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