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Cost Assist

About Us

Cost Assist is an independent company, and has been trading in the energy business for many years. Clients have included multi million companies with premises nationwide, schools and charities, medium sized companies, and small start up businesses. We compare prices from the whole UK marketplace, from large and small suppliers, make a recommendation for your business, but leave it to you to confirm your final choice.

What we can do for your Business


You receive first quotations usually within 48 hours (if required information is available.) Quotes are for 1,2 and 3 year agreements, from the most competitive suppliers. These quotations are provided free and without obligation. (it is standard business practice that the chosen supplier pays a commission for the introduction)


A complete premises wide survey to identify potential energy, utility usage and cost reductions. Since water became de-regulated in 2017 you can choose which company adminsters your water supply. Cost Assist will review your current bills and will poll the market to find a lower cost supplier.


Recent Reviews

Audited 20 energy contracts for a south based charitable foundation, and proposed a consolidated procurement approach to reduce the process cost and an ultimate reduction in costs of 10%. across some contracts and 34% across others.

Identified a 40% reduction in energy costs across a 40 location nationwide company.”

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