Parker House, 44 Stafford Road, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 9AA

07870 568189

Mon - Sat: 8.30 - 6pm

Croydon Startup Hub

About Us

Croydon Startup Hub has been set up offer advice and assistance to pre-startup and startup  businesses,  and SMEs in and around Croydon and South London.

These services are provided by a group of established business people  who’s mission is to use  their experience to assist all new and developing businesses. Initial advice and guidance, and some ongoing support,  is  provided free.

What we can do for your Business


We have a passion for helping pre and startup business in and around Croydon.

The vast majority of new business owners do not know where to turn for information.

The team at The Croydon Startup Hub are happy to mentor business owners and offer advice and direction for free.


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