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Cre8ive Flow

    Cre8ive Flow
Contact Information
Phone: 07725691440

Vargini and Kamini

Flexible and dynamic educators, who are passionate and dedicated to ensure children and young people with SEN(D) meet their full potential. Determined and driven to find innovative teaching and learning approaches to address inclusion issues, raising achievement and narrowing the gap of vulnerable groups.

Working creatively and collaboratively with School Improvement and multi disciplinary teams to implement inclusive practice to add value and secure positive outcomes for disadvantage pupils.

Developing CPD packages to support whole school INSET sessions, to update and inform schools of appropriate B&A initiatives and practices, such as:
-Developing Emotional Health & Wellbeing in Schools- a whole school approach to improving B&A (Merton LA)
-Conflict and Confrontation-Using Restorative Justice approaches to managing conflict (Merton LA)
- Inclusive practices in the classroom (Inclusion Conference, Bow School)
-'Pre-NEET'- Whole school initiatives and strategies (Tower Hamlets EBP)
-Personalised Learning, Whole school approach (KS3 Curriculum Conference, Bow School)
-Promoting Wellbeing and Positive Mental Health in Schools (Sydenham School)



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