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Member benefits and savings

The Croydon Business Hub provides pre-startup and small businesses businesses with a comprehensive membership package of services.

Th Hub carries out regular surveys to identify the areas of concerns of businesses,  and arranges speakers to address these topics.

Our current membership package is at a set price for a minimum of 12 months.

The Croydon Business Hub also provides  consultancy and support to businesses of all sizes from the small business to the corporates.

Croydon Business Hub Membership

Monthly & Yearly Membership
  • Attend the Hub meetings
  • Advice from industry specialists
  • Business Plan Review
  • 1 to 1 Business Reviews
  • Business Newsletter
  • Information Line: Advice on Marketing, Planning, Social Media, Finance etc.
  • Specialist Workshops
  • Special offers for Members
  • Cost reduction advice
  • Inclusion in the Hub Trade directory
  • Promote your events (at the Hub’s discretion)
  • Inclusion in Group Tenders
  • Speaking Slot at The Hub Meetings (Limited Spaces Available)
  • Promoting your business to thousands of regional companies

£25.00 every month for 12 monthsAdd to basket

£250.00 every 12 months for 12 monthsAdd to basket

Cancellation of membership

You can give notice to end your membership from the end of the month, when you give notice we will end your membership at the end of the month during which we receive your notice as long as you have met all other requirements associated with it. For example, if we receive your notice on 23 May (with any supporting evidence we have asked for), your membership will end on 31 May and you will not have to pay any more direct debits after 31 May.


A member may have 2 reviews a year from industry professionals who will give assistance, input, and guidance. Request for a review to be submitted via the website.


We can help you understand networking, where you can discover new opportunities, build your customer base and find new suppliers and staff. You may also find investors and business partners.


Complementing a Business plan review, we analyse your processes, what activities you carry out, why you carry them out, what the outcomes are and how you manage them


We have free & low-cost business workshops presented by local business experts. Checkout our events page. You will receive also details of latest upcoming workshops in the monthly newsletter.


Your business details and a brief description of your products, services to be included (links to a video within directory page is included)


The hub has developed a group that which identifies major UK tenders and invites members to participate where appropriate.


There is a limited number of speaking slot at the hub meetings that could massively increase your visibility and credibility.


Generating new business by growing your customer base is important to your business success. However, it can sometimes be very challenging which is why we can help you promote you to over 4,000 prospective companies


Members will receive a monthly e-Newsletter on business updates, social media and digital technology topics of interest.


Advice on all business matters including Marketing, Planning, Social Media, Finance, technology and HR


Receive advice from The Speakers & Specialists at The Hub Meetings

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