Starting or growing a business ? Advice from James Dyson

if you are starting a business, dealing with the actual product or service only constitutes less than 10% of the elements necessary to make the business successful. The rest includes market research, setting targets, marketing, funding, reassessing the product, creating associations, financial awareness, asking advice, seeking information, sweat, failures, persistence, determination. etc       All the issues do not have to be handled at once,  but they all need to be listed and addressed. Missing any one of these my be the reason the business fails… For some people who know their product or service very well, this list seems unachievable. In this case it is necessary to engage the assistance of one or more people.

This is why the Business Hub and Startup Assist UK have created 3 levels of support for  Startups, to choose from

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The above has been adapted from a principle published by James Dyson.

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