Business Hub event gets top approval ratings !! in a key business area.


A Business Hub event gets 10 out of 10 ratings from all attendees.

February 25th   12.00. One of the 6 Business Hub monthly online workshops was conducted by Joe Mama… Business as usual as Joe runs this every month. With a mixture of new and returning attendees.

The team at the Business Hub now takes for granted that these events are very informative and productive for the attendees. But following the format of recent TV shows, the team decided to request scores from all the attendees.

They were asked asked the following questions, and to mark each out of 10.

Did you find the event useful and interesting ?

Can you apply the advice and ideas to my business.?

The answers were a unanimous 10 out of 10,  in all responses for all questions !!

Joe’s next event, “How to get more Customers for your Business”, is on 11th March 12.00 p.m.      So if you want ideas on how to get more customers, put the date in your diary.

To see all the Business Hub Business Development events for March, please click:

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