THE KEY TO BUSINESS STARTUP SUCCESS … The checklist for EVERY business..

The Key to Business Start-up Success..  the 10 Point Check List for EVERY Business..

With more than one million businesses starting in the UK every year,  and most not either starting or operating successfully, we continue to research the reasons for the low success rates, and publish the results to help new start-ups avoid the pitfalls and  to be successful

James Dyson reported that, when starting a business, the actual product or service is less than 10% of the elements necessary to start a successful business…  The other issues include market positioning, specifying the target market, financial forecasting, marketing,  web site planning, the business plan, selling, lack of mentors,  etc. etc

So many people log into portals, listen to webinars, etc etc  but really do not know how to use the information or relate it to their business idea.

Unfortunately so many people ask for advice but ask someone who has only one particular interest  and does not have all round business experience. They go to an accountant, a social media ‘expert’, etc and they just get advice on that one topic. Or they go to an experienced business \Start-up specialist’ , ask for advice, but then do not follow the advice.

Also the choice  of supporting services providers may be critical tot eh success of the business. For example, the web site designer, the marketing or social media specialists, business advisors, sales  and customer handing

The solution to this situation,  for most potential businesses, whether  someone setting up a ‘one person business  or a substantial business with employees,  is a 10 point checklist….Miss one point and the business may be unsuccessful. This check list can also help check is a potential business is viable,  In one review of Start-ups recently, 40% of those surveyed had businesses which were not well enough defined, or were not viable.

The checklist for your business or business is:

Recently we were asked to help set up a service business in the healthcare industry. The people knew the industry  very well but not business. In the end The Business Hub  recommended service providers in  the 7  areas necessary to set up and run the business.  Accountants: Business Management;  Web Site and Marketing: Insurance: Payroll: Phones: Sales Admin.




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