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Improving the effectiveness of PRESENTING, SELLING , PITCHING   …  Notes from the  online workshop 17 July 2020

Want to increase your business, double your sales, or turnover or number of customers,  contact the team at the Hub.  Contact details at  the end.

The following are tips and tactics to help you be more effective and confident when just talking to people  about your business or,   presenting on a 1-2-1 basis,  or to a number of people.

Please note that improving your effectiveness when communicating with others is not a ‘one off’ exercise. It must be an ongoing process:  to  firstly identify the specific issues which will make you  more effective when growing your  business, then work on the areas of improvement.

Apart from the areas where you feel you need improvement, you should seek other peoples’ comments. Every one of us has mannerisms ( voice, words and body language )   and it usually takes someone else to point these out. To get this advice or comments, attend meetings or workshops run by organisations such as the Croydon Business Hub, or Toastmasters ( contact details below. )   Or ask at the Croydon Business Hub for 1-2-1 advice

Topics covered in the Business Hub workshops:

Finding more Customers

It is understood that eery business needs customers and if you want to grow your business, you need to find more customers. And the single biggest reason for not seeking more contacts and prospects, is the lack of confidence how to make contacts. Included below are tips and tactics how to make those contacts.

Meeting strangers –

When you meet someone, be prepared to ask a question, about his/her business or interest.  Then follow up with at least two more  questions  For example

“ May I ask, what is your  business” or “Is yuour business based around here ?”

“ How long has he business been running”   “ how many staff do yo have”

“ how have you been coping with the current conditions”

“ when do you see business conditions getting better?”

“ have yot changed any of your business processes to cope with yhe conditions?

 “ ….and what do you do ?”

When asked this question, do not say,” I am an accountant / social media  specialist or some other profession. Identify the reason you benefit your customers …” I help people save money”,  I help people grow their businesses”  etc … inviting the question   ‘ How do you do that”

This is a key aspect of gaining customers.  Register with some of the workshops run by Joe Mama , or engage Joe to help your business

 Body Language

Everybody has personal mannerisms, may be words or phrases, or may be in body language, with hand or body movements.  Many of the latter, are very distracting to the person opposite.

Only way to identify your own mannerisms is to ask someone else to help identify them. Ask the Hub for 1-2-1 support,   or attend a Toastmasters event. Contact details below.

“People buy from People”

You may have the best product or servicein the world, but if there is someone else selling something similar, the customer will buy from the person  with the better presentation or personality. You do not have to be an extrovert or a fantastic presenter, just be able to do the basics with confidence.

Pitching at a Network Group Meeting

 If you have say, 1 minute to introduce your business. Start off by identifying the problem or interest of your customers.    Eg. “ You know people want to be more profitable / lose weight / get more customers’  well we have a way of solving the problem,…

You should practice this ‘pitch’ and time it   !!!  Then you know you can deliver it in the time allowed.

Then identify at lease 5 people at the meeting  and follow them up with a 1-2-1

Good to have a ‘prop’ with you.( something which draws attention to yoiur product or service )

Body language is critical here. Smile, and be very positive when talking

 If it is a Speed Networking meeting, and you have say, 4 minutes with a new contact,  do not ‘jump in’   and try to explain your business.  Take the initiative and ask your 3 or 4 questions.

“what is our business’

‘Where are you based’

‘What sort of customers are you looking for ‘

‘What are your special attractions to customers’

If by any chance  they ask you first, ‘what do you do,  take the initiative, say “ before I tell you , what do YOU do.. and you start  your questions…  and you nay spend the who 4 minutes talking about the other person. As time runs on, they will ask what yo do….  and you the may say ‘ lets get together to have a coffee, ( if you want to spend more tie them then !!!


This is a complete subject in its own right. However, two principle to consider

  1. Start with the problem or interest area you are addressing with your products or services
  2. Confirm the location, and profile of the potential customers.
  3. Confirm how your product or service addresses the need or interest
  4. Plan how to address the need or interest with your product or service.

Most people start with “my product or service….”  Assuming there is a market for it.

Essential to take advice how to present or promote your business. Anfd this is not a subjets whey o can attend a course, or register with a information porta. Or have one planning meeting… This is an ongoing planning  and development journey

 Contacting on Social Media

Making new contacts on social media, just ‘reach out’  to new people.  “ I see you do this, or live in this area,  or are in a certain industry…..   it would be good to make contact “  …..  Build up your list of contacts that way..   Add them to a service like Mailchimp for sending out newsletters. 

‘Break in’  lines…

If you are with someone who just keeps talking, and you can’t get a word in, wait until there is a break and ask the question” can I ask you a question?’ But then ask a series of questions ..  if you cannot fins a break in t the other person’s  non stop talking,  wait until the end of a sentence is coming, then raise a hand….   And then ask your question…  Perhaps introduce your question with…. ” may I ask you a question?” ……

Business Network Groups

To identify appropriate network groups in your area,  to make new contacts, contact the business Hub.

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