The Startup Business Success Plan 7 – Action to Progress your Business

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Trying to find out why a business or idea is not progressing … the biggest single factor is probably ‘lack of action’ . Simply put, not doing anything or not doing enough .  You have an idea,  and because you are thinking about it,  you believe you are progressing.   But  for those businesses not progressing, this lack of action becomes almost a habit.

The solution is clear.
Write down what you want to achieve from the business or idea , and by when… then list the individual actions necessary to realise those goals. It’s called a PLAN. If  you are not sure of the actions, ask someone.

So there are  the main actions and milestones… but then there are dozens of other actions which a successful person will progress, almost without thinking, as they are creating ideas, making contacts, getting information, gaining experience, learning …..

Here’s a list of actions you might take : ( in no particular  order ). Write these down and tick them off as you complete them

Request a business review form from the Business Hub –
Helps you define target and business activities
Competition – what are similar companies doing
Competitors pricing, and what are they doing differently
Marketing – talk to at least 3 service providers
Funding, having an idea of how much  money you need, research appropriate
channels  – if in doubt, ask
Branding  – talk to several people
Web Sites  / SEO  – talk to at least 3 service providers
Go to Google and search for key words
Payments / accounting  – look for ecommerce, or card payments
Blogging  – start as soon a s possible to create your own blogs,
Insurance – what cover does your business need – talk to at least 2 brokers
Social Media  – talk to as many people as possible
Read industry magazines
Watch Dragons Den – you will learn something every time
Identify business in your field which are successful and look at their  web sites,
social media sites, blogs  etc etc
Start creating a list of contacts to receive a newsletter ( learn how to use, say,
Mailchimp )
Look for Forums for your business
Look for local courses to attend
Sign onto webinars relating to business development
Find business related books, – read and write down ideas.
Look for several local network events and attend
Identify the local Hub events and attend
Read the newsletters from the Hub – all are geared for your benefit
Identify 3 successful business people and talk to them about your business
or  idea.
Subscribe to any appropriate organisations or trade bodies

And as a separate exercise..  Take your business target(s ), double them but keep the same timescales , and re configure the actions required to achieve same.

Reminder,  the contents of your plan should include at least the following:

Product or service definitions
Target market (s)
Pricing and gross profit
Target sales and target sales / profit –
Maybe with 2 or 3  timescales. ( short , medium , long )
Actions to achieve  the sales: production, distribution, marketing etc
Obstacles to be overcome

At any stage above, and need  help or information, contact the Business Hub….

Look in the Library on the Hub website for a longer list of activities to progress… …

Croydon Business Startup Hub

email:                      tel: 07870 568189

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