The Startup Business Success Plan 1- Introduction

The Startup Business Success Plan 1 – Introduction

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Having spent a year working with pre start-up and start-up businesses,  the team at the Business Start-up Hub have identified the issues which make businesses successful , and the many reasons why  business never get started or, get started then fail to make any money.

Based on this experience, and 30 years of personal business experience,  the team has  created a 7 point plan to help people set up a business which should be successful. ( or stop the idea in its tracks!! ) These articles will run on seven consecutive days.  The program is Free and includes pointers, contacts, information, etc     ( see: )

We start by quoting Gordon Miller, very successful entrepreneur and investor…

“The most important thing is to be realistic !!!. 

You want to know why 98% of all businesses eventually fail? I will tell you. People claim all the time that their wonderful business did not get started or died out because they “couldn’t find enough funds or capital”,  or they couldn’t “find an investor”,  or they “could not get  a loan”.  Do you know what the best way to capitalize your business is? Make some  God Damn profit. The reason that many of those businesses failed is because they should never have been launched in the first place. They never had a clear idea how they were going to make a profit and how they would make money for themselves and for their investors. It pisses me off every time I hear “Well, we did not start or just had to shut the thing down, we couldn’t find the funding or the investor we needed.” Yeah, well no s – – -. You already burned through a lot of money  and had and had nothing to show for it, what did you think was going to happen? Geez. Don’t get me started.”

OK,  so this refers to  businesses that got started and then failed, but the same mind set refers to the many people who had a business idea, and simply never got it off the ground.  They had no idea of what it takes to set up a business, or they had an expectation that was unrealistic. That’s Ok, but they needed to get the advice or  information to create a sensible business plan… and this does not happen by attending one meeting ,, or one business start-up course.  Some of these ‘start-up’ courses are half a day, or up to 10 days, So they get too little or too much information and it is not related to their business idea or circumstances. And there is no follow up from them or the course organisers,  to help their business idea develop.

And there are many other specific reasons why business fail ( published list available on request )

This short program addresses the steps you need to take to  set up a successful business, whether to make a few hundred pounds or  the equivalent of a full time income.

The offer of a business checklist, and the advice it will generate will help you to decide if you wish to proceed with your business idea, or  modify it and take it forward.

Checkout your business idea or plan, and receive comment, advice and information.(Free)


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