The Startup Business Success Plan 4 – Your Web Site

It is essential to have a good Web Site.

The web site is the face of your business. It needs to look ‘good’, and,  be effective.


Planning a new Website ?

If you are just planning a web site now, consider getting it developed by a professional website company. You can get an inexpensive  ‘starter’ web site which  ticks all the necessary boxes. ( see below )   It will probably save you time and money, and heartache, later.

Almost every week, people come to the Business Hub  saying , “ How do I make my website more effective ?  It was developed by me, or a friend or a family member” ,   This could have been either free, or at a low cost and seemed a good idea at the time.  Order a professional Starter  Web site now, or email to discuss your specific requirements.

Starter Web Site :      £299       Click to order:        Includes:  up to 4 pages: logo: email addresses: your contents and pics,  security: hosting, support, etc

Have a current Website, and want it to be more effective ?

Get a formal review of your web site, checking against selected criteria. A review will include comment on some areas , and  confirmation of requirements in some areas.  Image, Content, Calls to Action, Security, Industry Requirements :

Website  review –  £70         email for details :

Basic requirements of a Website.

The following are the issues which need to be acknowledged and adopted.

Good image: Logo: Appropriate content: Calls to action: Security features:  Mobile friendly: Links: Payment facilities ( if required): Business and contact details:  Email addresses:  Approved Hosting:  Industry requirementsOngoing support and development  available (  essential !!!)

But remember, the web site may have all the necessary attributes, but there needs to be a plan to get traffic to the site… Talk to the web site developers, and the marketing people, and the social media people….

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